BREAKING: Elected leaders to take action


Thank you so much for volunteering; your efforts have been amazing! Your work, gathering signatures in the rain this last week, made it a priority for our elected leaders to rescue Seattle bus service from devastating cuts this fall.

Also, thanks to the Miller family for donating a garrett at pro for the fundraiser event. We raised over $500!

Today we've learned that on Tuesday, the Mayor will propose a Seattle-only ballot measure to preserve Metro service in Seattle. What exactly goes onto the ballot this fall will ultimately be determined by the Seattle City Council as it reacts to the new proposal, but given the strong popular support that you have proven exists, and the support of the mayor and several council members, we believe the City Council will support a ballot measure to keep our buses rolling.

Because of this groundswell of support, we believe we can suspend signature gathering today, and use our volunteer energy to make sure we get the best possible measure out of the city council.  

Again, you are all fantastic; thank you for your help so far. Stay tuned as we learn further developments. We have a lot more work to do to ensure Seattle residents keep the bus service that they've already voted for! 

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